Mens hangers

Men's Closet Hangers


When organizing a man's clothing, you need to consider things that he will wear for years to come. Men's suits and coats are often too heavy for conventional hangers and most men wear these things year after year. Another problem with men's suits and coats is that they are wider in the shoulder than a standard sized hanger. A hanger that is too small can allow shoulders to droop or fold, leaving marks and ruining delicate fabrics. Measure your suits from shoulder to shoulder to determine how big of a hanger you will need. Large-sized hangers are available in many styles, so you are bound to find some that work for you. Choose ones that are extra wide and curved to help hold the delicate shape of your suits and coats.

Dress pants need to be hung with special care to avoid wrinkles and permanent creasing. Choose hangers that are specifically designed to hang suit pants without damaging them. There are many specialty hangers designed for this. Cascading hangers are great for pairing up tops and bottoms while space saving hangers allow you to hang multiple pants on one hanger. Add some specialty hangers for belts, ties, and hats and you'll be on your way to a perfectly organized man's closet.

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