Childrens hangers

Child's Closet Hangers


Children's closets are often the hardest to keep organized. This is because there are constantly clothes coming into and out of the rotation. You may be saving clothes that your child has outgrown for a younger sibling. Or, you may have a stash of hand-me-downs that your child has yet to grow into. Keeping these items separate from the clothing that your child uses everyday is crucial to closet management. You may choose to hang clothing in order on the bar. Clothes deemed too small go to the left, while larger clothes go to the right. Besides determining an order to the madness, you will also need to invest in the right kinds of children's clothing hangers to protect the wardrobe for future children to wear.

Again, measure the child's clothing from shoulder to shoulder to determine the size that you'll need. Smaller hangers can be used for the clothes being handed down while slightly larger ones designed for older kids or teens may be perfect for the clothes that your child is in now. Give your child plenty of options for staying organized to encourage responsibility. Skirt hangers, pants hangers, cascading or coordinate hangers, and specialty hangers will help your kid to know where everything goes. They can hang hats, belts, dress clothes and even pajamas on hangers that are just the right size for them to handle without stretching out the necks or puckering the shoulders of their favorite clothes.

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