Infants hangers

Infant's Closet Hangers


Like children's closets, infant's closets need to be carefully managed to avoid disaster. Some baby clothes are worn repeatedly and washed regularly. These clothes can be hung on space saving flat hangers designed for tiny baby clothes. Outfits that you want to keep in good condition should always be hung. Measure your baby's clothing from shoulder to shoulder. Buy that exact sized hanger to avoid puckering or tearing of often thin and delicate fabrics. Baby hangers come in curved styles for heirloom clothing that needs to stay hanging perfectly.

Use specialty baby hangers for all of those extra closet needs that babies have. Cloth diapers, burp cloths, baby blankets, mattress pads, bumper pads, sheets, and even car seat covers can be hung on cascading hangers, multi-pant hangers, or hangers with clips in your baby's closet. When everything has a place to go, staying organized with a baby in the house becomes a much easier task.

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