Linen hangers

Linen Closet Hangers


Does your linen closet look like a disaster area? Are you tired of digging through giant bins for crushed sheets and table cloths? Hangers designed to organize a linen closet could be the answer to all of your questions. There are special hangers with a deep drop for hanging quilts, blankets, comforters, and even sleeping bags. We like to use these for towels as well. Hanging items like this in your linen closet helps to free-up shelf space for smaller items like washcloths and bins for accessories, like napkin rings, hair styling products, or whatever you need storage for.

You can also use pants hangers with clips or cascading skirt hangers for your pillowcases. You can use regular pants hangers for sheets, curtains and table cloths. If you need wider hangers for these things, check out some of the larger sized men's hangers. Be a little creative here and you can have a linen closet that not only keeps your linens easy to find, but fresh and wrinkle-free as well.

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