Womens hangers

Women's Closet Hangers


When choosing hangers for women's clothing, you want to consider the size of the garments. Hangers that are too big can stretch and pucker shoulders, ruining a lot of your clothes. Measure your clothing from shoulder to shoulder to see what size clothes hangers you might need. Curved hangers are great for avoiding pucker and many styles of hangers come in petite sizes. Curves, contours, and extra wide shoulders are great for keeping women's dresses, coats and dress shirts in good shape.

Cascading hangers hang from each other, allowing you to coordinate outfits while saving room and time. Skirt hangers and pants hangers are great for keeping wrinkles at bay without using a lot of closet space. Specialty hangers give you ways to hang scarves, belts, purses, and even bathing suits to keep everything neat and organized in a woman's closet.

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