Childrens Hangers

Childrens Hangers

Childrens Hangers available in wood, plastic, metal or slimline for babies, infants, toddlers and children of all ages. Our kids hangers will keep clothes looking beautiful.


  • Children's Wooden Hangers

    Our childrens wooden hangers are made of the same quality materials that go into all of our adult hangers. They are just smaller! Choose childrens wooden hangers from many different childrens sizes and colors.

  • Children's Plastic Hangers

    Plastic childrens hangers come in many styles and are very practical and economical.
    Childrens plastic hangers last a long time even being tossed around by kids. These children hangers can be used for all types of clothing from play clothes to holiday finery.

  • Children's Decorative Wooden Hangers

    Our Children's Decorative Wooden Hangers have chrome hooks
    and come with pink hearts or blue stars. These childrens wooden hangers have a gentle curve to help preserve the shape
    of your childrens garments and notches near the end
    of the arms to hold hanging straps securely.

  • Childrens Slim Line Hangers

    Keeping your childrens clothes and closets looking great is easy with these wonderful space saving hangers for kids. These childrens hangers sturdy construction help preserve the shape of your little ones pants, tops or dresses while using a fraction of the closet space of other types of hangers. They are available in six non-slip, soft velvet finish colors.

  • Childrens Padded Hangers

    Our satin or canvas covered padded hangers are a lovely way to keep your childrens special outfit's shape and the wardrobe looking fabulous!

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